Network cable disconnect using relays and a microcontroller

I am upgrading my previous test by adding a micro-controller to control the relays.

This is an important test for my NCFSD project and is requiring some knowledge about micro-controllers and c programming.

For this test i have used ATtiny2313 micro-controller configured at 1MHz, 2 leds,
the relay board from the previous test,1 buzzer, a common NPN 2N2222 transistor and couple of other components.

The schematics:


For programming the micro-controller i am using c in Atmel Studio 6 and the compiled code is uploaded to the micro-controller using USBasp programmer
and the eXtreme Burner.
The code is locate here.

The prototype image:


The test video:

How it works:

  • when the green led is on the cable is connected
  • when i press the switch the red led and the buzzer goes on and the cable get disconnected
  • after couple of seconds the green led is on again and the connection is reestablished

In the next NCFSD prototype test i will connect the micro-controller to a computer using an usb cable like in my Notification System project.

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