Network cable disconnect using relays

This is a small prototype test for one of my projects NCFSD – Network Cable Failure Simulation Device .

This test consist in disconnecting a network cable between two computers when a switch is pressed.

I am using 4 relays to cut the cable connection between the 2 computers and i am using a strip-board for the relays and a prototyping board for the rest of the components. The relay used here is DIP05-1C90-51L.

In the folowing image you can see the schema created in eagle free version.


The prototype looks like this:


How the test work?
– The black UTP cable is connected to my laptop and the blue UTP wire to my desktop PC and both are in the same network.
– When the small switch is unpressed the prototype is not powered so the network cable is uninterrupted.
– After the small switch is pressed the prototype is power up and the network cable is interrupted by the relays and we can see that the ping command will show a timeout message.
– When the switch is released the network cable become uninterrupted again and the connection is reestablished.

I have made a small video with the test that will show the prototype in action.

This was just a very small test for the NCFSD project, the next test is to extend the device functionality using a micro-controller.

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