Imperial High Guard

It was said that the Imperial High Guard army also known as the Imperial Punishment Regiment is only deployed when an entire planet turned away from the imperial doctrine and their minds started to be clouded by the shadows of Chaos.

The army is not send to destroy lives but to preserve them by purifying an entire planet so that the galaxy can be saved. To keep the people faith in the Emperor the High Guard work closely with the inquisitors.

” Some may question your right to destroy ten billion people. Those who understand know that you have no right to let them live.”
– Exterminatus Extremis

Only the best and most faithful are recruited into the Imperial High Guard army which is designed for fast deployment and Blitzkrieg attacks.
The army has only 6 regiments composed from soldiers selected from different Imperial Guard regiments from all around the Imperium of Man that span the entire Milky Way galaxy.

Map of the Galaxy (source: warhammer community)

The army organisation

Imperial High Guard Organigram

The army is composed of 1 armoured regiment with 5 tank squadrons, 1 aviation regiment with 3 Valkyrie squadrons, 1 heavy artillery regiment with 3 companies and 3 infantry regiments with 5 companies each. Each regiment are supported by command squads and auxiliary units.

1st Armoured regiment (Steel Legion) 5 tank squadrons
1st Artillery regiment 3 artillery companies
1st Aviation regiment (Planet Killers) 3 aviation squadrons
1st Infantry regiment (Iron Warriors) 5 infantry companies
2nd Infantry regiment (The Inquisitors) 5 infantry companies
3rd Infantry regiment (Imperial Assassins) 5 infantry companies


Based on the battle requirements different detachment are created to address each scenarios.

Patrol Detachment 700 points

Strategic Locations

One of the many roles of the High Guard is to defend some of the most valuable strategic locations.

Outpost 6, Triton, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy

Epic Battles

The Siege of Outpost 6 on Triton
Defend the outpost against the Death Guard raiders.

View full battle report history

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