Building the raspberry pi blades


After weeks of searching for a raspberry pi rack enclosure i found this model for a 3D printed Raspberry Pi Blade Center / Rackmount from that can fit 14 raspberry pi in 2U rack space.

It will need some adjustments for the rack mounting ears to optimize the rack space.

Material Required:

3D Printer
Printing filament I’m using 1.75mm black PLA
19 in, 1/4in screws can’t find this one yet
4x 1/4in nuts
A bunch of Raspberry Pi  I have 4 for test
A bunch of Micro USB Cables
 About hours of 3D Printing  In progress, around 9h/day

Components to print:

Component Print time To print Printed
Raspberrypi_blade_center_G_wire_clamp-fix.stl 8h56′ 14 2
Raspberrypi_blade_center_mount_C-fix.stl 7h 53′ 2
 Raspberrypi_cart_G-fix.stl 1h 39′  14 2

I started to print at high speed witch produced bad results and very curly edges. After playing with a lot of settings instead of 28′ of printing now it takes 3h28′ to get a good result for the card.

3D printer settings used

Without the raft settings the cart will be very curly, also a higher printing speed will result in a bad model.

During the test i used all the black filament i had so i wasted a whole weekend without printing.

Finally the refill is here

Printing Progress

After 3h28′ of printing i manage to get a nice cart.

Tuning the 3D printer settings

After some tests i changed the settings to:

  • Infill density = 25%
  • Heated bed temp = 40C-50C
  • Layer height = 0.2
  • Shell thickness = 1.2
  • Raft extra magins = 10mm

This will print the cart in 1h39′ with good quality.

Heated bed printing problems

Printing using the heated bed is a little risky because the contact between the platform and the power source are a little loose and this is making the contact wires to overheat. Printing couple of hours it’s risky so i took couple of precautions to avoid a 3d printer fire:

  1. I only print when i am at home so i can keep an eye on the process
  2. I keep the heating bed temperature between 40-50C to avoid overheating
  3. I keep a fire extinguisher in the room just in case

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